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It’s been a pretty eventful summer around the Holden house… or actually not very eventful, given the current state of some of my bones. Been learning a lot lately. Didn’t have to wait for school to start to do that.

Best lesson: Always listen to mama.

Second best lesson: Never let a motorcycle smoosh your leg.

Third best lesson: if your leg DOES get smooshed, make some cartoons.

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I thought of the funniest thing, what if phoenix and prof. layton were drinking tea and coffee, and out of the blue phoenix just says ” ah, coffee is the best sort of drink to wake you up in the morning” and prof. layton just gives him the dirtiest glare and says “tea will always be better you uncultured swine”


Here’s some REAL Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright part TWO.

"Shut up and eat your donut holes!" 

"I prefer my scones, thank you very much."